empty library shelvesWhen I first walked into our library, the shelves were empty and the furniture was in many different places. On Tuesday, August 14th, six pallets full of boxes of books from Mackin arrived — our new books! The very next day, my friend from Mackin, Erin Segreto, arrived as well as several of my librarian friends, Ms. Hernandez, Mr. Massman, Ms. Hamilton, Ms. Tadena-Rodriguez, one of our school board members, Ann Heuberger, our Director of Instructional Technology, Juan Orozco, and an NHS student from DVHS. We shelved close to 9,000 books that day!

On August 16th, two large pallets of books from Bound to Stay Bound arrived. The next day, my friend from Bound to Stay Bound, Milton Van Deusen, and his family, as well as Ann Heuberger, Juan Orozco, and four NHS students from DVHS, showed up to help shelve books. It went fast! We finished shelving by noon. Soon after, everyone needed to leave. I spent time walking around and marveling at our beautiful, new library. I moved the furniture into place, and set a beautiful bamboo plant that my librarian friend, Mrs. Hopkins, brought for our library on our circulation desk. I am so happy to see you use our library and to see our books in your hands.

-Ms. Amy Gonzalez, Librarian Ms. Gonzalez shelving the first library book